Poor Doctor-Patient Communication Is Closely Linked To Non-Adherence

[tweetmeme source=”Healthmessaging” only_single=false]I am a big fan of Infographics.  They are a great for turning otherwise complex data into practical information.  Here’s an Infographic I built to describe the “disconnect” that often occurs between physicians and patients and the impact of adherence.


7 responses to “Poor Doctor-Patient Communication Is Closely Linked To Non-Adherence

  1. Very nice infographic nice work. Only 49 seconds discussing a new medication yeah I can see why many patients are skeptical.

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  3. nice infographic

    what did you use to make it?

  4. Great Infographic Steve! I agree that patients need more education on how and why to take prescriptions. I shared your graphic on my blog about medication management, and some helpful questions patients can ask their doctors before taking new medication.

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  6. Great infographic. I think it supports my view on “therapy adherence”
    Adherence to therapy is widely reserached subject in care. Yet the word itslef dnotes the failure to look from a right perspective: I would say therapy is put first in view (which it is from a medical perspective – watch the nuances in this statement..), but the question is first whether the patient (indedd, from a patient perspective, is in concordance with the very therapy. Then, and only then, we can begin to design (from an organising perspective) the best way for the patient to “cope” with his therapy!
    This graphic gives the supporting evidence by looking at the communication perspective between doctor and patient – so in the start of the process. Through communication the three perspectives involved, i.e. medical, patient and organisation, should be aligned – to begin with. 😉

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