Patient Engagement White Paper



2 responses to “Patient Engagement White Paper

  1. i heartily agree with your post on patient engagement, a doc’s perspective of engagement may not represent what the patient wants or needs from healthcare. Why do those wearing white coats forget that they are patients as well? Maybe all parties in a medical visit should be wearing johnnies!

    • Hi Ann
      I get what you’re saying, but when a physician is a patient they are much more likely to be able to understand what the physician who is treating them is saying, much more likely to be able to understand what is happening when the treating physician isn’t explaining what is happening, more likely to ‘earn’ the respect of the physician treating them, much more likely to know how to access and ask for the care they need, much more likely to know the right questions to ask, and so on and so on. The point I’m making is that when physicians are patients, they are more likely to have a better, less fearful and more positive experience than people who aren’t physicians. But having said that, physicians’ experiences of being a patient are valuable to reflect on too when we think about how to improve health care services.

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